Saturday, January 12, 2008

Look who's turning 3....who could it be???

Wow, yet again, I find myself totally amazed that I have a baby who is now turning 3. My goodness those 3 years flew by. It's almost as though my son is aging faster than anything else. However, I do feel a bit older myself.... lol! Hopefully, I don't look it though. Well, we won't go there....

Anyway, my son loves to help me. He loves to be of help in the kitchen by sweeping floors and spraying "chemicals" on the countertops. He also loves the paper towels. I am hoping that this love carries into his teens. Doubt that it will. I'm sure it will become less interesting and mundane. Cleaning...a delight for the young... a hassel for the old! lol He had Nicholas and Victoria spend the night and they played in the tub for about an hour. They played pirates and loved every minute of it. The delight that is found in soft squishy toys... I'm glad that we got it for him. He is a different child when other children are around. He couldn't be happier and more curious. He chimes in with the two children and is quick to get and keep my attention. He doesn't share me well with his friends or anyone else for that matter. Something so simple becomes huge if I am on the phone or tending to something else. It's sort of funny. At times I will get down to his level and just tell him that it's okay. And it's okay to have to wait a minute. Patience...NOT! I am trying to teach him to be patient as he gets easily annoyed it his cares are not being met.

We are planning a birthday party for him in 15 days...His actual birthday. I have invited about 20 children to his party, but not sure who all will make it. I am hoping that a lot of children show up so that he can feel special because we think he's just perfect. He's getting taller and into a 4T now. The issue that we are having a hard time with is cutting or trimming his nails. He freaks out and cries if he even sees the nail cutters. Although, he literally took matters into his own hands and cut his own nails last week. He cut them kind of short but we didn't have all the drama that we usually do if I cut them. I am hoping that he will master this skill and things won't appear to be so frightening.

He is still afraid of "monsters." The monsters usually come in the form of shadows. And he has been seeing or appears to see more and more. I've reassured him that there are no monsters and that he's fine. I don't think that I'm too convincing. I'm sure he will grow out of this phase, but while he is in it, I hate that he is scared. I want him to face the world with confidence and skill. He will master the monsters and they will disappear as he learns to reason it out. But, in a way the "monsters" still represent his innocence and youth. We will work through this and he will be fine. I can only hope.

He is getting better at sharing and is very independent. He can put his shoes on, dress himself and brush his own teeth. I still supervise all these skills just in case. Hmmm, what else? He still has his favorite blue pillow and finds comfort and security in hit. In fact, he just took it to the farm with him today. I wanted him to feel safe if he got tired and started to miss us. We take the pillow up and down the stairs and it usually stays in the forefront of his eyes. My little babydoll.

He loves, jellies, kawklick milk, chicken and hot dogs. Oh, and candy too. Would eat it a lot more if I let him.... Still enjoys baseball and the outdoors. He got a bike for Christmas and when the weather gets better, we'll work on riding it. He still loves Spiderman and anything that is soft. Takes a nap daily and likes to stay up late. We are working on that one.

He is doing well in areas of socialization and doesn't cry when we go to work in the morning. He is well liked in school because the kids call out his name to him when he arrives in his classroom.

He likes to be tickled and hide. He is absolutely amazing! He's perfect for us!

I'll write again after the party....

Love you, Mommy

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Kawklick Milk, please"

Today is the 18th day of July (2007). I know, a strange title, for an entry. But, if we could spell chocolate milk the way my young one says it, it would be exactly as titled. He is my little lover of "kawklick milk." Whenever he is tired or wants to take the easy way out of eating, he drinks the stuff. He is addicted and passionate to have both his kawklick milk and blue pillow with him in just about any room in the house. Oh, to be 2.5 years old and need just the basics--a pillow to rest his head and kawklick milk to ease the soul...that would be the life! However, we grow and end up needing so much more. Does society demand that the milk, pillow comes with a house, car and stuff to go into the house? Or is it our expectations of what the perfect American life would consist of? Not sure. I think we are trained to have wants and needs based on comfort. Of course, there are those who get what they want and then much more. I think we are somewhere in between. As the song says, "We don't always g--et what we waaant... but if you try sometimes, you get what you need!" So, if that is true. We are doing good. Anyway, enough of my theories and rants. As for my little sweetie, he is still young in so many ways. Still likes to be tickled and sung to. He craves it! I think it's because we do whatever we can to please him and in the end it is us who are pleased by his giggles and smiles. I guess it's a little selfish on both ends. But, relationships are just that. One the one hand, we want to make the people that we love smile and laugh, and the other...we want to share in their pleasure. It's kind sort of like a big ole love circle. As I told my sweetie, you are my "Alpha and my Omega." He fulfills my desire to nurture a baby and at the same time, he put an end to my heart's suffering to hold a child. So, it is true..he is both! I don't think that I am any one's alpha and omega... or maybe I am and I just don't know it.. ;) One can only hope...

As for successes, he has a great memory. We work on this and have fine tuned it. I always ask him where he put stuff and what and whom we did on weekends. This helps with his memory. As he gets ready for school in 3 years, he will need this tool. Wow, 3 years? My little guy embarking on his new beginning... How in the heck do parents do it? What was it like for my mom who walked 5 children at various times in their lives to Kindergarten? I bet it was hard... I still remember my shoes. They were black patten leather. I loved those shoes and slept with them my first day.... Silly..huh? I want my son to have great memories of his first(s), as well...

He now jumps off the side of the tub into the "pool." For him, it is. He loves the bath and cries if it's time to get out. Anything to stall..that's his routine.... As he knows, after bath time it's bedtime.... So, we play just a bit more. He always tells me, "Mommy, I want to play for just a little bit." In a very sweet soft voice. So, he gets the "little bit" and I succumb to his need. That little doll.... If we only had a little bit left of everything... Life would be good..

He also is very independent. Can now put his shoes on and does everything himself. Can even go pottie standing up. There are two things we call the pottie, ("nuggets" and "real deal")... He is so cute when he discovers which one he did. It is our secret language. I'm sure all mothers have some special language that no body else knows. It's sort of like we are all speaking different love languages with our children. My little sweetheart.... He's all mine. And God made him just for me.

Size: 3T to 4T
Weight: 34 lbs
Height: Tall.. About 3 ft at least
Lost first tooth a few months ago. Not sure why it had to be pulled...

Well, I must go. I will journal later. Little one, not a minute goes by that I don't think about you and want to hold you and just watch your eyebrows grow... I love you more than life itself! Hang in there sweetheart, we will grow together.....

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Be careful Mommy!"

The title of my blog is what my little one told me when I recently almost slipped in the driveway. Here he is at 27 months, telling Mommy to be careful. I guess that's from all the times that I am telling him to be careful when he runs... Running is his absolutely favorite thing! He runs in the grocery store, backyard, street (that is a no-no), etc. He's working on discerning when running is good or dangerous. Oh, and our key word is "danger" whenever he could hurt himself. He must think that danger is everywhere. And I guess in reality it is. It is dangerous just to get out of bed. :) It's awfully amusing to hear him repeat things that I have told him with such confidence. I guess that is a good thing. But, if I could give him anything it would be that. To be confident no matter what. Confident in decision making and confident in knowing that he is right. I admire that quality in anyone....especially in babies. for more firsts, he now tells us when he has to pottie, still has a few accidents, but they are becoming fewer in between. I'm guessing by this summer he will be shedding the diaper and onto Spider man underwear. He loves those a lot. He is also fixated on his Spider man shoes and would wear them everyday if he could. They light up and for some reason he feels powerful when he is wearing them. He also loves super balls. He told me yesterday that he found Superman's super ball. Never quite thought of it in those terms, but I guess he is correct. That little wonder!

What else... he thinks that bambies are reindeer. All bambies are Rodolph's! He loves Rudolph and it makes him happy to say Rudolph and to see Rudolph. He is truly my little baby..knowing how much I love Christmas. We still sing Jingle Bells and some other Christmas songs. But, lately it's been the Happy Birthday song and Rock-a-bye baby. He loves that one. You can only sing it while holding or rocking him in your arms like a cradle. He could do that for hours. Unfortunately, it's my back that starts to hurt from his size. He's getting so big now too. He says, "I'm heavy" when I pick him up. Of course, being a mom, I tell him that he is just right for Mommy. He is getting so tall too. His pediatrician said that he will be way over 6 feet. And I'm guessing that she's right. He has long legs already and is very strong. Everything is still amazing to him. And he has recently discovered monsters. He told his Daddy last night that monsters come from the grass when it gets dark. And I'm thinking... interesting... It probably does feel that way when you are so close to the ground. Reminds me of my fear of monsters too. And he doesn't like it dark. He says it's dark and there are monsters. We will have to work on that one.

As for likes: Likes corn, hot dogs, chocolate milk (loves that...could drink it 24/7). Hmmm, what else, loves pasta and pizza. Oh, and how could I forget..loves to play trains! Trains are his thing right now.

And his friends are: Macey, Chase, Kayleigh and friends from school...


About 34 lbs.
not sure of height
hair is still blond
and he is absolutely perfect!

Bye for now,

Love Mommy

Friday, December 01, 2006

23 months in 22 days

My little sweetheart is almost 2~! Wow, still in a single digit for another 7 years... I can honestly tell you it felt like yesterday we were propping him on the couch to open Christmas packages. Where has the time gone? My little one is getting taller and stronger. He has log legs and loves to play his new game. It consists of removing his socks and yelling out "Piggy toes".... It is adorable. I then grab his little sweet toes and snuggle and kiss them. He coos out of delight and happiness that he has Mommy all to himself. This morning me and his daddy did the "my baby" claim and hugged him... as he was between us. He just laughed in the cutest little way. He then proceeded to go to the pottie.

He goes on the pottie every morning. No. 1 and No. 2 and still waives bye-bye to the poopies. It is adorable. Even the sound of his little poopies to the pottie are such a big step of progress for him. He makes this little face in wonderment and waits for the praise. Who knew that the pottie topic could be so engulfing.... I can't wait until he can go without a pull-up. It will mean that he in onto the start of a new begging of toddler hood. Don't get me wrong, I love him as a baby. But, to know that he is strong enough and healthy enough to accomplish what a normal child does is a blessing within itself. Of course, everyone's version of normal is different----depending on the situation.....

As for strides, he likes to stack alike items and colors together and helps the teacher after class get the classroom in order. She likes to have him as her little helper. And he likes the Elmo books too at school. Likes to hear them play his music, etc. He is my little 'sweetie poo'... :0)

I don't think I've every loved anyone nearly as much as him. He makes my heart dance and makes life worth living. Everything that I have will go to him. His is our little legacy... The legacy of our lives and love. And we feel so blessed that we have our sweetie every day to hug and kiss. God is great! I am undeserving of such a blessing...but, honored that God saw that I needed a baby to love and hold and who could love me back. Yeaaaa~

Anyway, enough of the emotional junk... ;) We are getting ready for Christmas and my little 'drummer boy' wants us to put our tree up this we will.. ANd he will get to play with the snowman, etc. That little wonder....

I am going to videotape him again as he experiences another Christmas.. a little older (and me just a little bit wiser) to his needs....

As for ups, he runs, he is talking more (Always saying if someone left.. "Mommy, where'd they go?" And loves to watch the trashmen. Runs outside if he hears the truck. My little lover boy!

Well, I must run now... Hugs to all!

I'll write soon.

p.s. - Still in 18-24 month clothes
Weighs about 30 lbs.
Loves to drink milk still from the "babba!"
Hmmm... loves gummie bears and steak
Ate seafood (king crab legs) for the first time and loved them

Gives some kisses and loves to say "No!!!!!"

Love, Mom

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Well, I have my little boy on my mind so I thought that I'd blog about him. I'm sure people get tired of hearing about him, but, nope not me. It is the one subject that I can't get enough of. I can't get enough of him nor describing his nuances to friends and family. As of the most recent update, my little baby loves to hold a baseball bat. He even has a pretty good stance. He bends his knees and holds the bat perfectly. Albeit, he hasn't mastered hitting the ball but exclaims "Oh, God!" after every pitch. And goes "ooohhh." Or something like that. He now likes to pitch too and likes for me to hit it to the ceiling and watch it bounce. Again, amazed at how the ball can reach all the way to the ceiling. As for words, he still loves to point out the birds, dogs, balls and cars. He is especially funny when he hears any kind of beep. We were at a home furnishing store and he heard some of the trailers beep as they backed up and he makes the cutest shocked face ever. He opens his mouth wide and makes his eyes real big until the sound goes away. He loves any kind of beep. He has also learned how to beep the steering wheel on my car. He can do this over and over and also knows how to set off the alarm on the car via the remote. I'm sure neighbors are not happy with his new discovery. But, I don't care. It is just the beginning of all of the new discoveries in his little life. He also likes to imitate his daddy. Whatever daddy does, my little boy will do to. He will emulate anything that shouldn't be emulated. Such as changing a light bulb. I can see his willfulness developing right in front of me.

Random thoughts:

Update on size:

He is in clothes 18-24 months (shirts need to be bigger and shorts are smaller). But, basically his clothes are a little lose but still look cute.

Shoes are size 5.5. He has pretty big "paws" as his loving aunt would say.

He also loves books. Likes to look at the different pages and do some baby chatter as though he can read. He is speaking in some sentences. Like: "I like that." "Play with me." "Outside now." "Shoes, we go bye-bye." And we march to the pottie and march whenever he needs a change of pace.

He also took me outside of his school to show me his playground. He loves to show me the new things that he has discovered. I don't get to see him play during the day but somehow he wants me to share in his experience. If only I didn't have to see small snapshots of his life. If I got to be there all day long, I think it would be more fulfilling.

I too have changed since having him. I make up all kinds of jingles to amuse him as I benefit too from his smiles and laughter.

One of the songs I sing is "Happy happy joy, joy, you are a big boy!" That's after he uses the pottie and we say bye-bye to his poopie. I honestly never thought that I would ever wave bye-bye to anything that went down the pottie.

Oh, and he also likes to sing the rain-rain song. He will remind me that we haven't sang it by saying "Rain, rain." So, I will continue to tickle his feet and sing to him. My little sweetheart.

Hmm...well I'm getting a bit tired so I had better run.

Adieu until we meet....

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Do you love me ..enough?

Today is August 30th, and I keep promising myself that today I will write about my little son. And, then I get distracted and the time flies. You know the drill by now I am sure. As of the latest and greated, my baby is getting so big way too fast. He is growing into a real person with new ideas and testing my patience. I thought I had a ton and now I'm questioning that... lol... I sill threaten him with a pow-pow. Of course, isn't threatened by that at all. He kind of giggles and runs away. So, nope I'm a softy. Stern when I need to be---and forgiving a second later. How can I hold it against my little baby that has only been on this earth for 19 months? I can't. It wouldn't seem right. He has so much to learn and so much to master. The one thing that he is getting really good at is throwing balls. Not only does he throw balls but tries his hand at things that shouldn't be thrown. But, it's okay. In time he will learn that throwing a glass coaster isn't the right thing to do, nor throwing something that hurts at someone is ethically wrong. We'll work on it, though.

As for new discoveries, my little boy loves to bark. I'm sure he has learned this from his uncle's dog. He loves to go over to his uncle's house and play with both the uncle and his dog. More affectionately known as "Dawg" or "Bar-bar." My baby often stands at the back door barking. It's cute and makes all kinds of different expressions at the surprise in my face and his own surprise that he is getting better at his barks. It just shows you how unbridled he truly is and innocent. If I could could keep him that way I would. But, the reality is, that he will have to learn right from wrong and know how to defend himself. You see being yourself makes you more vunerable than you think. You become vunerable to the people that have forgotten what is like to be a baby and be so naive and innocent. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. But, believe me whatever good is to be had is mine....all mine! Again, I don't care what is broken because everyday this baby repairs a part of my heart that I didn't think could ever be fixed. It is just his smile and his frowns that keep me wanting to help him through all of this. I think he will be okay, though. He is very strong willed and has learned what time out is now. It is a small blue chair in the living room that he is taken to when he gets out of control or too communicative we say...better than just saying that he is a brat! I hate that word. And I deplore name calling. You may have heard the old cliche that stick and stones may break your bones and names could never hurt you... Well, that' s not true. Name calling does hurt and can damage you emotionally. I don't want him hurt...ever! I want to be his biggest fan and I think I am.

Oh, another cute story. We are into pottie training. So, one of the times I put this little guy on the pottie, he didn't do anything. So, we proceeded to put on some pull ups. Well, on our way to the pee'd on the carpet. So, I said "No, we don't do that." "We must pee pee in the pottie. That's bad." SO, I got him dressed and just as I was about to set his little feet on the ground, he says "I'm bad." And I said, "No, you are not bad. What you did was bad! We don't pee on the carpet." And he said, "Yep, I'm bad." And I held him and we both cried. I don't want him to think that any part of him is "bad." He is all good and wonderful and just a blessing. I'll have to be careful with him. This baby is very sensitive. Just like me. That is goo though. I think it builds who he is and who he will become. You need to be sensitive and mostly sensitive to how you make other people feel. And he does make a lot of people feel very special.

He is the light of my heart! He makes me tick and makes me just want to hug him and tickle him. I have to tape that precious laugh! For some day it will be a deep voice and he will be a man and I will miss that little baby that laughed and wanted to be chased all day long. I can't think about that. It goes by soooo fast!

Also...he likes to be escorted by Kayleigh and Zoie. These 2 little girls in his class. He likes his name announced as they run to be by his side. Help me... he's still a baby! But, he's got a lot of spunk! So, I'll take that.

He also helps me put the laundry in the washer and dryer. He is my little helper all around. Sometimes a bit too helpful, but at least he is trying and at least we are together.

Well, I must go now. My loving little boy needs to be picked up!

p.s. - Yes, I love him! And yes, it's ENOUGH!